Getting Started in Omaha

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Welcome to Omaha!  While it is a thriving metropolitan center, Omaha is quintessentially Midwestern.  Residents enjoy the benefit of four seasons and find outdoor activities plentiful year-round.  Located on the eastern border of Nebraska, near the Missouri River, the city of Omaha is a center of creativity, business, and philanthropy.  This is where Fortune 500 companies, visionary nonprofits, award-winning arts and culture, and innovative start-ups flourish and attract a range of world-class talent—from entrepreneurs to artists.  

In December 2020, the Office of Global Engagement (OGE) held virtual information sessions for both current and incoming international students. Topics presented included public transportation and driving a car, U.S. phone plans, how to prepare and dress for winter in Omaha, and tips on finding housing near campus. Both sessions included ample time for Q&A.  The sessions were recorded and are posted below.