International Travel Guidance

Beginning July 1, 2021, pre-approved essential international travel for students, faculty and staff will be allowed.  In addition to pre-trip approval using the Concur software program, additional pre-trip approval by the immediate supervisor is required for all international travel and is limited to essential university-related business. Because all university travel is contingent upon the traveler agreeing to comply with all guidance, supervisors are not responsible for knowing the traveler’s vaccination status for the approval process and should not ask travelers about such status.

After approval by the immediate supervisor, an international travel request must be submitted to the Office of Global Engagement.  The traveler will be required to complete a travel application that includes an explanation of why the travel is essential and a detailed summary of local health and travel guidance for the travel locations at least two weeks prior to travel.  The Office of Global Engagement will appoint an international travel risk committee that will consider the essential nature of the travel, CDC Travel Health Notices, US Department of State Travel Advisories and the ability of the traveler to mitigate risk.  All university-related international travel must comply with Executive Memorandum 25.

All international travel authorizations are subject to continuing review by the Office of Global Engagement. Each traveler is required to monitor their destination’s situation carefully and update the Office of Global Engagement with any changes at least two weeks prior to departure.

For destinations that are below the US Department of State Travel Advisory levels 3 and 4, or CDC Travel Heath Notices levels 3 or 4, travelers do not need to complete the full travel application with committee review.

All travelers, regardless of CDC Travel Health Notice level, are expected to follow the CDC recommendations for international travel listed below: