UNMC Delegates Program


What is the UNMC Delegates Program?
The Delegates Program is a grassroots advocacy program comprised of a network of people who are interested in receiving state and federal legislative updates, and who are willing to advocate on issues of importance to UNMC.

Who can participate?
The Delegates Program and all of its events are cost-free, and participation is open to all who are interested in receiving legislative updates, and are willing to advocate for UNMC. We invite you to join the UNMC Delegates by clicking on "Become a UNMC Delegate" on the left side of this page.

How will the Delegates receive information?
All communication will be distributed via email. Delegates will receive an electronic newsletter updating them on Congressional and state legislative news and developments, as well as information regarding upcoming Delegates events. On a limited basis, the Delegates will be called upon to contact U.S. Congressman and state legislators regarding urgent and important issues.

On what issues will the Delegates focus?
The Delegates Program will focus primarily on health and education issues, such as:

Will the Delegates program hold events?
The Delegates Program will hold speaker series events throughout the year featuring health care policy experts.

What is the goal of the Delegates program?
To support and strengthen UNMC's academic programs and research by influencing public policy through effective communication to Nebraska's federal and state delegations regarding issues that affect UNMC.

The Delegates Program will NOT:

The Delegates Program WILL: