National Research Service Awards

Since the April 8, 2014 competition, virtually all NIH institutes and centers have been offering predoctoral (F30/F31) NRSA fellowships to students. This was made possible through the efforts of the advisory Biomedical Research Workforce Working Group and the NIH Director. Before this, only about half of all NIH institutes would fund these types of fellowships.

Need Help With Grant Writing?

Here are a few resources and tips for successful grant writing.

  • UNMC Grant Writing Workshops — a seminar that teaches how to write a grant application.
  • F-Fellowship Podcast 22-minute podcast that covers the elements of writing a successful F-grant application. Produced by the NIH.
  • NIAID Tips — Provides general advice about fellowship grants.

Because of the new offerings, applicants are now required to give further details about their graduate programs, including the average time to a degree and also professional development activities they plan on pursuing during NRSA funding.

Individual institute and center information and guidelines may differ slightly from one another and can be found in the following tables at:

Types of Predoctoral NRSAs

View the specific criteria that are used to judge the different NRSA fellowships. Also check out the “F-Kiosk” for more information about individual fellowship opportunities.