Proficiency & Certificate Programs

Graduate Studies offers some programs in which students can gain proficiency or certificates in addition to their degree. This allows you to enhance your background and create further career opportunities and possibilities upon graduation.

Business for Bioscientists Certificate Program

Many careers for biomedical PhD graduates are in industry, which often contains business-related elements. This certificate program gives you a background in business, providing you with greater job opportunities in many fields.

PhD Teaching Proficiency Program

Participants in this program are given the opportunity to teach actual college students. You'll prepare lectures, develop teaching materials, and learn teaching theory that will be applied in UNO classrooms.

Service-Learning & Interprofessional Education Badge Program

Graduate students are rewarded by documenting time spent in important, career-advancing opportunities outside of the laboratory or classroom.

Leadership, Transferable Skills and Outreach Certificate Program

Currently under development, when implemented, this program will work to develop teamwork, communication, leadership, and management skills, giving you a well-rounded set of tools that can be used in many career paths.