Alicia M. Schiller
Alicia Schiller

Alicia M. Schiller

PhD in Cellular & Integrative Physiology 

American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship (2013-2014)
American Physiological Society Science
Policy Committee (2014-2016)
2015 Dale J. Benos Early Career Professional Service Award, presented by the American Physiological Society
2015 Young Investigator Award, presented by the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine

Alicia Schiller was awarded a two-year American Heart Association predoctoral fellowship for her project, entitled “Sympathetic Control of Renal Blood Flow in Heart Failure,” and was recently named a recipient of the 2015 Society for Experimental Biology & Medicine Young Investigator Award. A member of the Science Policy Committee of the American Physiological Society, Alicia routinely travels to Washington to meet with our representatives in Congress. She also served as Vice President of the Student Senate and spearheaded student efforts to develop a community outreach certificate program at UNMC. In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the physiology community and demonstrated dedication and commitment to furthering the broader goals of the physiology community, she received the 2015 Dale J. Benos Early Career Professional Service Award from the American Physiological Society. Alicia completed her dissertation research under the supervision of Irving H. Zucker, PhD, receiving the PhD degree in May 2015.