Drop/Add Policy Effective Fall 2014

A revised Drop/Add Policy goes into effect with the Fall 2014 semester. One key aspect of this policy is that students cannot add a course after the first 7 days of the term. This policy reflects, at least in part, the requirement that UNMC report course registration/tuition data to the Board of Regents one week after the start of the semester, financial aid reporting, etc. 

Impact on Faculty

It is vitally important that faculty hold class during that first week of the semester and/or ensure that sufficient information about the course is provided to each student (posted on Canvas, notified by email, etc.) so that the students can make a decision on whether to continue the course past the critical first week.

Impact on Graduate Students

Withdrawing from a course mid-semester can result in a student falling out of full-time status, because students will not be able to “pick up” additional research credits after the first week of the semester.  (Technically, changing from 1 cr. of Research Other Than Thesis to 4 cr. of Research Other Than Thesis is the equivalent of dropping the 1 cr. course and adding a 4 cr. course, which is not allowed after the first week of the semester under the new Drop/Add policy.) Falling out of full-time status is a potential problem because –

Both faculty and students

Please note that withdrawing from a course mid-semester is allowed only if the student is able to demonstrate that conditions unforeseen at the time of registration, such as illness, will not permit continuance in the course. Graduate Studies policy forbids withdrawing from a course because of poor academic performance.  

In light of the information provided above, most graduate students will NOT be able to withdraw from a course after the first week of the semester.