UNMC Assistantships/Fellowships

Results for the 2016-2017 Assistantship/Fellowship Competition

Departmental Fellowships/Assistantships/Traineeships

Inquiries should be directed to the department(s)/program(s) to which you have applied.

Graduate Studies Research Assistantships & Fellowships

All forms must be downloaded and saved to your computer prior to entering your information. After you have inputted your information, please re-save the form and complete the submission process via email. 

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants for Assistantships/Fellowships must be full-time students enrolled in a Ph.D.-granting program at UNMC. The applicant must have selected his/her permanent major advisor. Ph.D. applicants must have completed at least 12 months as a full-time degree-seeking Ph.D. student at the time of application. Students must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 3.0 or better. M.D./Ph.D. students must have been enrolled as a full-time Ph.D. student for at least one complete semester (excluding summer terms) at the time of application. Students will not be considered for funding beyond their fifth year of study.

If a student receives an Assistantship/Fellowship, they will be funded for two years (based on the approval of the renewal application after year one).

Letter Of Intent – Deadline: February 1

Ph.D. Students: The Letter of Intent form, Project Funding Affirmation form and an abstract (~ 250 words) must be submitted via email by 11:59pm on February 1 in order to be eligible for the competition.

Assistantship/Fellowship Application – Deadline: March 1

The 2017-2018 Assistantship/Fellowship Application form and supporting application materials must be submitted via email by 11:59pm on March 1.

Renewal Application – Deadline: March 1

Students who have been awarded funding in the previous competitions must submit a renewal application annually. The renewal application must be submitted via email by 11:59pm on March 1.

Award Notification

Assistantship/Fellowship applicants are notified via email in late June of results.