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Business for Bioscientists Certificate Program

The Business for Bioscientists Certificate Program is designed to provide you with a fundamental background in business to enhance employment opportunities and success in industry, as well as in academia.

Having strong business skills is essential for bioscience graduates.

40% of jobs

Over 40% of the jobs for biomedical PhD graduates are in industry and many deal with business elements like management, finance, marketing or intellectual property.

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Graduate Studies
Terri Vadovski, Director of Graduate Studies

UNO College of Business Administration
Masters of Business Administration

Courses are taught by top faculty at the College of Business Administration at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). Plus, to accommodate for your already busy schedule, classes take place in the evening. 

Program Details

PhD students at UNMC and MS students in the Biology Department at UNO are eligible for the program. 

The only prerequisite for the program is prior coursework in statistics.

Standard tuition rates for a course at UNO apply. View current tuition rates.

UNMC may provide assistance with tuition if the courses are listed on your initial Program of Studies and you submit the Approval Form for Graduate Assistant Participation in Proficiency or Certificate Programs at least three months before the application deadline for the certificate program. 


Learn More — Visit the University of Nebraska Omaha website for additional information.