Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences

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I thought I wanted to work with cancer therapeutics. But in my first semester, I was able to rotate through a neuroscience lab and an immunology lab. Ultimately, I realized I was most interested in cancer immunology. Without the IGPBS, I might have missed this interest and not learned the skills required to pursue it.
- Christopher M. Thompson, IGPBS student

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (IGPBS) consortium consists of six interdisciplinary doctoral programs with over 200 participating research faculty from 32 basic science and clinical departments. 

The six doctoral programs that comprise the IGPBS are:

Students can enroll in IGPBS before choosing a laboratory or a doctoral program (“uncommitted” students), which provides the opportunity for research rotations in any of the participating laboratories on campus. Uncommitted students complete a first semester common core curriculum, after which they commit to one of the six doctoral programs and complete advanced interdisciplinary training in their field of interest. 

Students can also enter IGPBS committed to an individual doctoral program. Committed students rotate among the laboratories in that doctoral program and follow the first semester curriculum of that doctoral program.

Program Website

Learn More — Visit the IGPBS Graduate Program website for more information.


Course Requirements — View the IGPBS Graduate Program curriculum requirements by doctoral program: 

Deadlines for Applying to the Program

Before you apply to the IGPBS, make sure to review their application tips.
*Applications accepted for the Cancer Research Doctoral Program only.

U.S. Applicant Deadline International Applicant Deadline Chinese Scholarship Council Applicant Deadline
Spring*  June 1 Oct. 1 Oct. 1 Not Applicable
Summer Sept. 1 March 1 Jan. 1* Not Applicable
Fall Oct. 1 June 1 April 1 Jan. 20