COVID-19 Updates


UNMC’s Global Center for Health Security Leadership team currently meets weekly with local and state public health representatives to review and discuss new COVID-19 developments and challenges. Dr. James Lawler provides a general overview of new data, developments, and updates on a local, state, national, and international level. These updates have been recorded and made available below for informational purposes.

Date Subject
5/17/22 Nebraska's COVID-19 deaths: How many were preventable? 
(Presentation by Dr. David Brett-Major)
5/10/22 South Africa and U.S. case trends
5/3/22 Newest variants of concern: BA.4 & BA.5 
4/26/22 Reviewing the facts: What we know about COVID-19
4/19/22 Pandemics are a team sport
4/12/22 Vaccine v. Snake Oil (aka "natural" immunity)
3/29/22 The BA.2 waiting game--will we surge or plunge?
3/22/22 BA.2: Around the world in 80 days
3/15/22 Beware the Ides of March: COVID surging in Hong Kong, China, and Western Europe; new data on the threat of BA.2 variant
3/8/22 Decoupling factor analysis
3/1/22 Hong Kong's Omicron wave swells & social media's sea of misinformation briefly recedes
2/22/22 Reinforced lessons: Mental health, vaccine reactions, and enclosed spaces/singing
2/18/22 Looking forward: Additional boosters, variants, and hospitalizations
2/15/22 Louder than a bomb: COVID-19 virions
2/11/22 The role of trust in pandemic response and infection fatality rates
2/8/22 The absurdity of removing masks in schools
2/4/22 Lies, damned lies, and statistics
2/1/22 Excess mortality during COVID-19 pandemic
1/28/22 Current Omicron status: Realizing the statistical peril before it's too late
1/25/22 Debunking myths on COVID risks & transmission among children, long COVID risks, herd immunity, and more.
1/21/22 Long COVID effects and length of recovery frequently underestimated
1/18/22 Vaccine effectiveness in pregnant women and children ages 5-18
1/14/22 Predictions of Nebraska's Omicron cases and peak 
1/11/22 The Omicron battle: No retreat, no surrender 
1/7/22 Projected Nebraska Omicron hospitalizations 
1/4/22 Principles of exponential growth: Why COVID is rapidly spreading despite vaccinations
12/28/21 U.S.: Delta recedes and Omicron emerges causing increase of pediatric hospitalizations
12/21/21 Harbingers: South Africa, the UK, and Denmark
12/17/21 Delta, Omicron, and the upcoming influenza season
12/14/21 Omicron: Why its transmissibility is more worrisome than its lethality.  
12/10/21 Post-Acute COVID Syndrome (Presentation by Dr. Andy Vasey)
12/7/21 Early Omicron data from South Africa & the UK
11/30/21 Omicron: Known facts and next-step suggestions
11/19/21 Top ten states with highest mortality rates
11/16/21 COVID-19 and influenza vaccines--reasons to get both!  (Presentation by Dr. Mark Rupp)
11/12/21 COVID-19 Pandemic Comparison
11/9/21 Latest COVID-19 case counts
11/5/21 Portugal's Success against COVID-19
11/2/21 VAERS: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (always subject to bias)
10/29/21 Studies: COVID-19 Vaccination and Non-COVID-19 Mortality Risk, first responders' risk of COVID-19 Infection, and SSRI use to treat COVID-19
10/26/21 Study results of children's vaccinations
10/22/21 Mixing and matching vaccines for boosters
10/19/21 COVID-19 was a leading cause of (unnecessary) deaths in Sept. '21
10/15/21 Vaccine vs. natural immunity and an update about the Moderna booster (presentation by Dr. Mark Rupp)
10/12/21 Pediatric Update (presentation by Dr. Russell McCulloh)
10/8/21 Europe, the U.S. and beyond--data trends and global vaccinations
10/5/21 Pandemic fatigue on health care workers
10/1/21 Distinctions between states with high versus low vaccination rates
9/28/21 COVID-19's potential effect on the central nervous system
9/24/21 Exactly how does a vaccine get approved in the U.S.?
9/21/21 Preventable deaths...and preventive measures (presentation by Dr. David Brett-Major)
9/17/21 Experimental therapies and associated risks
9/14/21 It's not over
9/10/21 Review: Path Out of the Pandemic
9/7/21 The failure of "focused protection" as a strategy against COVID-19
8/31/21 The truth about vaccine vs. natural immunity, COVID-19 transmission in schools, and long-term health risks to children
8/24/21 Vaccination and pregnancy
8/17/21 Current U.S. COVID-19 hot spots
8/10/21 Common COVID-19 Myths Busted
8/3/21 Southern states suffering from a large Delta variant surge
7/27/21 Hospitalizations due to Delta variant increase nationwide.
7/20/21 Mirroring the UK's Delta variant transmission in the U.S.
7/13/21 The Delta Variant and children
7/6/21 Delta Variant doubling cases and hospitalizations in some states
6/29/21 The Delta Variant in the UK
6/22/21 Global vaccine status (presentation by Lauren Sauer)
6/15/21 Pediatrics and COVID-19 (presentation by Dr. Kari Simonsen)
6/8/21 Global & national cases rates, COVAX, and immunocompromised issues (presentation by Dr. David Brett-Major)
5/25/21 Global variant trends and early indications of vaccine efficacy
5/21/21 Current variant trends
5/18/21 Observations of Washington state's vaccination rates and test positivity rates
5/14/21 CDC guidelines, current case counts, and vaccination status update 
5/11/21 Subcutaneous monoclonal antibodies' efficacy against variants
5/4/21 Canada's variant spike and the lessons learned
4/27/21 Additional evidence of increased risk associated with singing
4/23/21 How bots, trolls, and cyborgs threaten our health security
4/20/21 Hong Kong hospital outbreak and 2020 deaths attributed to COVID-19
4/16/21 India experiences dramatic rise in positive cases
4/13/21 Subcutaneous monoclonal antibodies, vaccine vs. variants, and C-19 prison outbreak
4/9/21 Johnson & Johnson and Astra-Zeneca vaccine side effects
4/6/21 P.1 variant spreads across Brazil
3/30/21 MRNA vaccine efficacy, vaccine in pregnant/lactating women, and the surge in Brazil
3/26/21 Vaccine and monoclonal antibody efficacy against variants
3/23/21 Variant trends
3/19/21 Recent global trends--increasing activity
3/16/21 Seroprevalence studies, obesity risk ratios, and monoclonal antibody products' effectiveness against specific variants
3/12/21 Top three myths debunked: Downslope, herd immunity, and open schools
3/5/21 Infection in children based on seroprevalence data
3/2/21 Plateauing case counts and other indicators the U.S. is following U.K. variant trends
2/26/21 Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) single-dose vaccine 
2/23/21 CHARM Study Q&A, vaccine prioritization, and vaccine efficacy after first and second doses.
2/19/21 CHARM Study: Marine Corps recruits in basic training at Parris Island 
2/16/21 Modeling of transmission modes aboard the Diamond Princess and new school guidance from the CDC 
2/12/21 What happens when you can actually do good contact tracing?
2/9/21 Variants and vaccines
2/5/21 Double masks and KN95s (presentation by Dr. John Lowe)
2/2/21 Incomplete study data on school transmission levels and variant sequencing
1/29/21 Race to vaccinate against variants
1/26/21 Mitigation policies & mortality; quarantined college athletes 
1/22/21 New executive orders, antigen tests, and ICU mortality
1/19/21 Variants: modeling, transmission, and mutation challenges
1/15/21 Transmission in children and in-person learning
1/12/21 Nebraska plateaus, college counties, and the importance of Nonpharmaceutical Interventions to mitigate transmission
1/8/21 Status report, high-titer plasma therapy, and seroprevalence surveys
1/5/21 UK and South Africa Variants in the U.S. 
12/29/20 UK Variant's transmission and reinfection of health care workers
12/22/20 UK SARS-CoV-2 Variant (B.1.1.7.)  
12/18/20 Review of mortality rates and vaccine data
12/15/20 Household transmission and restaurant transmission study
12/11/20 Post-Thanksgiving plateau and Pfizer vaccine on the horizon
12/8/20 Transmission among Marine recruits during quarantine
12/4/20 Current case counts and upcoming vaccines
12/1/20 Nebraska's high level of transmission despite dip in cases
11/24/20 No room for complacency during a pandemic
11/20/20 Nebraska ranks 10th in the world, vaccine update, and implemented interventions in Iowa prove effective
11/17/20 Epidemiological study findings on restaurants/bar risks
11/13/20 Nonpharmaceutical interventions and restoring freedoms
11/10/20 Rural Midwest and Monoclonal Antibody trial
11/6/20 Pandemic doubling time
11/3/20 COVID-19 trends across the U.S.
10/30/20 Europe, Belgium, and Nebraska.
10/27/20 Where we are, how we got here, and our escape route.
10/23/20 Nebraska's positivity and deaths are increasing. What's changed?