First Responder Resources

Training videos

These materials were developed by public health and infectious disease experts with extensive experience in the development of standard operating procedures for cases of highly hazardous communicable disease and the provision of training to a range of governmental and non-governmental organizations, including for Ebola virus disease and Covid-19 responses.

The development of these videos was funded by contract HHS0100201700005C from the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, Department of Health and Human Services

COVID-19 Readiness and Deployment Dr. David Brett-Major, an internal medicine and infectious disease physician, discusses considerations for working in the field against COVID-19. His overview includes deployment (pre, during, and post) activities critical to safe and effective practices as well as strategies to manage risk when caring for persons under investigation and in a hot zone.

Personal Protective Equipment for COVID-19 A review of the appropriate donning and doffing procedures for personal protective equipment used for Covid-19 care, which includes considerations for entering and exiting high-risk areas.

N95 Respirator Limited Reuse This video overviews essential practices for successful limited reuse of an N95 respirator and demonstrates potential approaches for donning and doffing of an N95 respirator in a limited reuse situation.

Nasopharyngeal Swab Collection Instruction of the appropriate nasopharyngeal swab collection procedures for a patient with or under investigation for Covid-19. 

Resiliency for Covid-19 Dr. David Cates, a clinical psychologist, describes elements of resilience and strategies to cope with stress during a deployment.