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Training materials drawn from COVID-19 expertise

The Global Center for Health Security is an internationally recognized center of excellence that leverages the expertise of UNMC and and its primary clinical partner, Nebraska Medicine, in emerging infectious diseases, biopreparedness, patient care, and innovative, life-saving research. 

This expertise was called upon early in the U.S. response to COVID-19 when Americans evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship were transported to the GCHS's state-of-the-art National Quarantine Unit, the nation's only federally-funded quarantine unit. Some of the evacuees also received care in the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit, the nation's largest biocontainment unit.

The GCHS and the College of Public Health at UNMC have collaborated to develop training and resource materials specific to the COVID-19 global pandemic.  The training materials and resources below are provided at no cost for private or public use.

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Data modeling:

The Pandemic Recovery Acceleration Model (PRAM) is designed to assist the public and private sector leadership in assessing the regional and statewide impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and making informed decisions about social distancing and other key pandemic response measures. The model provides daily assessments of the regional specific impact of COVID-19 and availability of medical resources across Nebraska, helping officials make real-time decisions about appropriate resources and recovery steps for their communities.For an explanation of the model, view this video. The model is updated regularly for: