Meatpacking Industry Resources

Meat Processing Facility Reference Materials

These meat processing facility materials were developed through a collaborative effort of infectious disease and public health experts from the Global Center for Health Security, Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (CS-CASH), and UNMC College of Public Health. 

Meat Processing Facility COVID-19 Playbook
A guide to provide best practices and recommendations for meat processing facilities to minimize the risk COVID-19 poses to employees and the community and to reduce disruptions to business operations, including checklists for COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies.

Meat Processing Plants:  Survey Results & Best Practices
Survey results from 8 companies and best practices to protect employees and communities.

Facility Audit Tool
This tool was developed to help facilities track compliance for proper mask use, hand hygiene, social distancing, and screening. Facilities are encouraged to use it to identify current compliance rates to these implemented measures and adapt to their facility. 

Epi Curve Tool
The Epi Curve Tool was developed to assist facilities in tracking case trends and patterns. Data is inputted and displayed in a visual dashboard. The tool can be adapted to the context of each facility. 

Concerns and Perceptions Among Meatpacking Workers
A survey was conducted between May 7-May 25, 2020 of 443 meatpacking workers across Nebraska to assess their concerns and perceptions related to COVID-19.


Posters displaying best practices recommended to avoid contracting COVID-19 at work or outside of work--available to be saved in multiple languages:

Arabic--Protecting Yourself From COVID at Work
English--Protecting Yourself From COVID at Work
French--Protecting Yourself From COVID at Work
Spanish--Protecting Yourself From COVID at Work
Vietnamese--Protecting Yourself From COVID at Work