Ethics Advisory Committee


The Global Center for Health Security Ethics Advisory Committee was established in the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak to serve as a resource to those facing unprecedented ethical issues. Its membership represents a breadth of expertise in disaster and public health emergency ethics, both nationally and internationally. 

Initially, much of the Committee’s work focused on supporting ethics requests regarding Crisis Standards of Care—helping health care institutions analyze and resolve difficult ethical issues occurring in the planning phase prior to moving into Crisis Standards of Care. While a significant portion of our efforts continue to address this need, the Committee’s work has extended to include key bioethics issues within research, clinical, and public health ethics. The Committee is able to accept requests from civic, health care, and professional organizations related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Request an Ethics Consultation from the Ethics Advisory Committee

The Ethics Consultation service is intended to act as a resource to anyone who may be in need of guidance on COVID-19 specific ethical issues. This advisory service is free, and the Committee is able to accept requests from any public health, civic, health care, or professional organization.

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