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This page features upcoming and past events from the GCHS, as well as GCHS programs, projects, and partners. 


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Upcoming Events

"Behind The Mask" Webinar Series | 3rd Thur. of the Month | 12PM CST

Join the National Infection Control Strengthening (NICS) team in their new webinar Series: Behind the Mask, which focuses on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC). Robust IPC are vital in ensuring that patients and healthcare workers are protected from harm and avoidable infections. In a healthcare landscape marked by evolving health challenges, stringent regulatory requirements, and overextended Infection Preventionists, this webinar series aims to help IPs understand core principles and essential components of building a successful Infection Prevention Program while empowering IPs to apply identified topics to their practice.


R7DHRE Preparedness Webinar | 2/13/24| 1PM CST

DISASTER GAP: THE SMALLEST (BIGGEST) INTERVAL YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF | In the moments after a disaster, the time prior to arrival of first responders is uncharted time. During this time, people experiencing the scene first-hand step up, regardless of training, to care for others. They act, doing the best they can amidst an unstable scene and at their own personal risk. Their actions may be the difference between life and death, yet we do little to prepare them or care for them after the event. Neither bystander nor first responder, these are the Spontaneous Responders within the Disaster Gap and they are often invisible to us. This webinar will differentiate spontaneous responders from both bystanders and first responders, will serve as a call to arms to change how we teach about disasters, and will suggest ways to change how we construct After Action Reports.


R7DHRE Preparedness Webinar | 3/6/2024 | 12:30PM CST

CLIMATE AND HEALTH IN REGION 7 – UNDERSTANDING THE IMPACTS AND PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE | Climate change and extreme climate events are already having impacts across Region 7. These can include immediate impacts to individual and community health, as well as to access to healthcare. This presentation will review the way climate change impacts health generally, the various extreme climate events that have occurred in Region 7, and the ways that healthcare and public health practitioners can prepare for and mitigate these impacts.


Past Events

Never Again Summit Series

The Global Center for Health Security's Never Again: Pandemic Readiness Summit Series is a continuing sequence of chapters that focus on conversations on global health, pandemic readiness, and health security.

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