Welcome to UNMC.

Chancellor GoldIt was not long ago that I, myself, was a new employee. It did not take me long to discover that this is a highly focused, strategic organization. Yet, it is at the same time a dynamic, warm, welcoming, innovative, engaged and what I would characterize as highly “relevant” organization.

By this, I mean this is an academic health sciences center that is building upon its legacy but also focused on its future. This is no accident. No matter your role here at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, you will soon find that you play a part in making a tremendous difference in the life and health of those we serve.

Yet, you will also find that this is something that we can only do together. There is no individual that can create the kind of excellence.

It is our goal that everyone at UNMC and our clinical partners, our nearly 5,000 employees, our supporters and all of our colleagues, align his or her personal mission with the concept that we are changing the world by improving the human condition.

I would like everybody involved with UNMC to get up in the morning, as I do, and say, “I know today is going to be a great day, because today, by doing the job that I do, I am going to help improve the human condition.” And, I’d like every one of them also, when they get home at night, and are asked, “What did you get to do today?”

That their answer will be, “Today, I improved the human condition.”

We will do so through the delivery of extraordinary care, remarkable discovery and relevant learning. Today, I invite you to take this stand with us -- that together, we will lead the world in transforming lives for a healthier future.

This is what we do here at UNMC.


Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, MD

Aileen WarrenAs an internationally recognized academic health sciences center, UNMC discovered long ago to be successful you must have an environment comprised of dedicated, energetic, engaged, and committed employees. For over 135 years, we have prided ourselves in creating a workplace where individuals want to come to work, uniquely contribute, and perform at their highest level every day. Because of this, we have an extremely talented workforce who are some of the best in the world.

It is wonderful time to be a part of this organization. We are continuously transforming the way we operate to improve our ability to meet the ever changing health needs of the lives we touch and the global community in which we serve. We are very proud of where we are today and even more excited about where we are headed. With that, we are excited you have chosen to join us in that journey.

You truly are our most important asset.

As you participate in the orientation process, it is our goal to acquaint you with our organization. The more you know about UNMC, its culture and values, the better prepared you will be to fulfill the important role you will play in our continued success.

Once again, I am excited to welcome you to UNMC and wish you great success!  

Kind Regards,

Aileen Warren 
Associate Vice Chancellor
Executive Director, Human Resources