Policies & SOPs


All Policies and SOPs were last reviewed and approved by the IACUC on 09/14/2018


Adjuvant Use with Special Emphasis on Complete Freund's Adjuvant Policy 03/15/2017
Animal Acclimation Policy 10/19/2016
Animal Use in Public/Patient Care Areas Policy 06/20/2018
Blood Collection Policy 11/12/2012
Cage Population Densities for Breeding Mice Policy 01/16/2013
Certification of IACUC Approval for Grant Awards Policy 06/17/2015
Confidentiality Policy 10/19/2016
Conflict of Interest Policy 07/20/2011
Criteria for Premature Euthanasia-Humane Endpoints Policy 11/18/2015
Euthanasia and Carcass Disposal Policy 10/19/2016
Expired Drugs or Medical Materials Policy 06/20/2018
Field Studies Policy 06/20/2018
Food and/or Fluid Regulation Policy 10/12/2012
Guillotine Use and Maintenance Policy 11/18/2015
Hazard Management Policy 12/21/2016
Holding Animals Outside Centralized Facility Policy 05/24/2013
Inhalant Anesthetics Policy 06/20/2018
Investigation of Incidents Concerning Animal Welfare Policy 04/18/2018
Management of Pharmaceuticals Policy 06/20/2018
Monoclonal Antibody Production Policy 06/20/2018
Multiple Major Survival Surgery Policy 06/20/2018
Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Agents Policy 07/18/2018
Occupational Health and Safety Policy 09/19/2018
Photography/Video of Research Animals and/or Animal Use Areas Policy 08/16/2017
Physical Restraint Policy 10/23/2012
Pilot Studies Policy 01/18/2017
Program for Environmental Enrichment, Psychological Well-Being and Exercise Policy 06/20/2018
Requirements to Obtain Access to Macaque Primates and/or Their Tissues/Body Fluids Policy 10/23/2012
Review and Approval Criteria Policy 04/17/2013
Review of Proposed or Continuing Animal Use Policy 06/20/2018
Rodent Breeding Colonies Policy 06/20/2018
Rodent Genotyping Policy 10/23/2012
Rodent Identification Policy 01/16/2013
Semiannual Program Review and Facility/Laboratory Inspection Policy 05/17/2017
Social Housing Policy 03/15/2017
Surgery Policy 06/20/2018
Tissue Sharing Policy 09/20/2017
Tribromoethanol (Avertin) Policy 11/12/2012
Veterinary Medical Care and Best Practices Policy 06/20/2018