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The iEXCEL team appreciates your continued support to showcase, drive, and expose experiential, interprofessional learning through health care education. As we continue to work to adapt to the new normality of social distancing, we will also continue to support your needs in any way that we can. For more information on the ongoing response of iEXCEL to COVID-19, click here to see our Digital Pulse Newsletter. To subscribe, email

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For scheduling access to the Davis Global Center or Sorrell Simulation Lab, please contact one of the staff listed below or see a brief FAQ resource here

  • Canvas integration of visuals
  • Visualization and 3D model creation
  • Interactive online learning modules 
  • Creation of training videos
Chris Allmon

Christine Allmon
Program Manager AR/VR  Modeling and Simulation


Bill Glass

Bill Glass
Artistic Director

Clinical Simulation - Davis Global Center & Sorrell Simulation Lab  
  • Future simulation scenario planning
  • Update current simulation scenarios
  • Online simulation development
  • Interprofessional and experiential curriculum development
  • Simulation assessment and evaluation tools (pre and post testing)
Sarah Kriss

Sarah Kriss
Advanced Simulation Program Supervisor

Sam Rogers Samantha Rogers
Clinical Simulation Program Supervisor

Surgical Simulation  
  • Planning for advanced surgical simulation
  • FAQs for advanced surgical simulation adoption and assessment 
  • Research and development opportunities
  • Surgical vendor relationships and workshop planning
Jenni Bouckhuyt Jenni Boukhuyt
Surgical Simulation Program Supervisor
Standardized Patients (SP)  
  • Future SP simulation scenario planning
  • Update current SP simulation scenarios
  • Remote simulated patient encounters via Zoom video conferencing
  • Simulations of telehealth service scenarios
  • SP simulation
Sarah Kriss Sarah Kriss
Advanced Simulation Program Supervisor
  • Statewide EMT and critical access hospital training 
  • COVID-19 preparedness for EMT & rural healthcare providers
  • Facebook Live events focusing on various statewide training issues
Doug Dekker Douglas Dekker
SIM-NE Program Manager
Community & Business Engagement  
  • Future Planning for events and tours within the Davis Global Center
  • Planning for virtual events and engagements using technology 
  • Connecting with local academic, nonprofit and business community organizations
Michael Hollins

Michael Hollins 
Director, Community and Business Engagement
(402) 836-9356

Additional COVID-19 Info  
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