A bold and visionary game-changing approach to health care education, iEXCEL has two interdependent missions - Academic/Clinical and Business Development. 

Mission Photo

Academic and Clinical

To Create a Transformative Model for the Education of Health Care Professionals

Adoption of the iEXCEL concept requires a significant paradigm shift – from the traditional “see one, do one, teach one” model of training - to a skills-based (experiential) education model that is supported by a reliable competency assessment framework. This model is intended to train health care professionals, at all levels of training and in all health care disciplines, to meet the inevitable changes in medicine that will occur over a lifetime of clinical practice. The model includes learning new techniques and procedures and adopting new technologies – in safe, simulated health care settings.

Business Development

An Innovative Environment to Nurture Entrepreneurial Interests and Business Development

iEXCEL promotes and fosters synergistic relationships between industry, academia, government, military and the community. Such collaborations yield mutual learning and grant opportunities, specialized training activities, AR/VR and holographic content creation, and new and enhanced products and services. Faculty, students, health care professionals, researchers and their collaborators will be offered a safe and innovative framework to achieve successful outcomes through public-private partnerships.