iEXCEL supports and enhances collaborative research activities in many arenas, limited only by the imagination of the investigators. The Davis Global Center is an ideal research venue in which partnerships are created for training, and for the development and testing of new processes, products, educational content and/or devices.

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Research Vision

Improving human performance and effectiveness in healthcare


Research educational outcomes including human performance, team training and competency assessment.



Research clinical outcomes related to quality of care, team composition and patient safety.



Collaborative research opportunities to develop and test new processes, products and content.


Research Resources

Educational Survey & Research Pathway

Meet the interdisciplinary team of researchers who serve as resources for projects with iEXCEL.

Human Performance & Effectiveness Committee

See the pathway for your research initiatives from proposal to realization.


Prebrief and Debrief for Improved Outcomes

Prebrief and Debrief for Improved Outcomes

Evaluation & Assessment

  • Evaluate performance in simulation and visualization activities

  • Real-time feedback via audio-visual capture and dedicated debriefing spaces

  • Outcomes and metrics for competencies in Live Virtual Constructive Exercises (LVCEs) with various partners including the US military

Clinical Simulation via Virtual Reality (VR)

Clinical Simulation via Virtual Reality (VR)

Emerging Technologies & Visualization

  • Exploring the unprecedented array of 3D, augmented reality/virtual reality (3D/AR/VR)

  • Simulation environments for training, product design, content development, testing and imaging

  • Advance learning, teaching and skill development as well as clinical practice

Holographic Theate

Holographic Theater

Holographic & 3D Imaging

  • Develop 3D and holographic visualizations to enhance or compliment research

  • Utilize holographic presence for pre-recorded sessions or interactive presentations with an in-person presenter

  • Bring your research to life by experiencing anatomy, assets, data or concepts in holographic format

Resident PPE Training

PPE Training


  • Study the processes and procedures related to infectious disease preparedness

  • Examples include donning and doffing of personal protective equipment (PPE) along with standardized procedures for patient care

  • Multi-modal exploration through hands on simulations and complimenting visualization modules

Contact Us

For research inquiries or to learn more about the project proposal process, contact Assistant Vice Chancellor, Clinical Simulation, iEXCEL – Ben Stobbe, RN MBA.