Statewide Outreach

iEXCEL Statewide Map

Tasked with the mission of creating a statewide network to share valuable resources and achieve consistency for health care education and training, iEXCEL incorporates highly advanced and integrated simulation and visualization technologies that facilitate remote and distributed training opportunities. The overarching goal is to accelerate the adoption of experiential learning for all health care disciplines, at all levels of training, making an impact in rural and urban areas across the state. 

iEXCEL supports distance and distributed learning by working with UNMC colleges and partners around the state to incorporate interactive digital iWalls and collaborative software to enhance education delivery through visualization. Additionally, iEXCEL operates Simulation in Motion-Nebraska (SIM-NE), which is a statewide, mobile education program bringing state-of-the-art, hands-on training using simulation to pre-hospital and hospital professionals. SIM-NE works to ensure standardized high-quality training to rural EMS agencies and critical access hospital emergency rooms across the state.