Statewide Outreach

iEXCEL supports distance and distributed learning by working with UNMC colleges and partners around the state to incorporate interactive digital iWalls and collaborative software to enhance education delivery through visualization. Additionally, iEXCEL operates Simulation in Motion-Nebraska (SIM-NE), which is a statewide, mobile education program bringing state-of-the-art, hands-on training using simulation to pre-hospital and hospital professionals. SIM-NE works to ensure standardized high-quality training to rural EMS agencies and critical access hospital emergency rooms across the state.

iWall Connected - Statewide Outreach

iEXCEL Statewide Resources

Training with human-patient simulator in SIM-NE truck

Training with human-patient simulator in SIM-NE truck 

Simulation in Motion - Nebraska (SIM-NE)

  • Enhances the quality & accessibility of emergency medical education to rural/frontier areas

  • Delivers high-quality, technologically advanced simulation training via 4 mobile simulation units

  • Serves Emergency Medical Care Providers in Critical Access Hospitals & ambulance services statewide

Cross-campus interprofessional session

Cross-campus interprofessional session 

Live Virtual Events

  • Statewide outreach and education through Live Virtual Events broadcasts from the Davis Global Center

  • High production value involving graphics, animation, images, video, etc.

  • Adaptive production process to achieve training objectives with pre & post-tests


Subject matter expert contributes in live virtual event

Subject matter expert contributes in live virtual event

Statewide Connectivity

  • A statewide series of interconnected iWalls allow for cross-campus collaboration

  • iWalls facilitate interprofessional training across all 6 UNMC campuses throughout Nebraska

  • Real-time connectivity via video, audio & interactive modules enhances experience

Visualization media combines video & CGI

Visualization media combines video & CGI

Online Training Modules

  • Creation of online modules including training videos & 3D interactive assets

  • Asynchronous educational resources tailored to curricular needs & learning outcomes

  • Built-in performance evaluation & competency assessments