Dedication Video Troubleshooting

Tips for troubleshooting issues with the live dedication video found on the Davis Global Center site.

Viewing Recommendations:

  • Use a desktop or laptop computer for the best experience.
  • The preferred browser for our site is Google Chrome.
  • If you scale your browser, we recommend resetting it to 100% to view all of the available tools.
  • Avoid viewing over a VPN since these have been known to cause occasional issues.
  • Avoid other network traffic while watching the live stream to ensure the best video quality

My live stream is not starting:

Refresh your browser to see if the live stream automatically starts. If it does not, please try viewing on a different device such as a tablet or smartphone. If the stream works on those devices and not on your primary computer, refer to the question below.

The live stream works on one computer but not on others:

Some companies block what websites your computer can access and what permissions those websites can have on your computer. Contact your IT department to confirm that is allowed on your computer. You also may also need to check your VPN, firewall, and antivirus permissions to ensure they are not blocking the stream.

The video quality of my stream is poor:

Video quality is determined by the available internet bandwidth your computer has access to. Close out of any other programs you may be using to access the internet. Ensure you are on a 5ghz wireless connection or a wired ethernet connection for best performance