Standardized Patient Simulation

A Standardized Patient or Simulated Participant (SP) is a person who has been trained to portray the roles of patients, family members, or professionals in simulation. Learners can use SPs to practice physical exams, history taking, navigating difficult conversations, teamwork, leadership, communication, safety, and empathy skills before encountering similar situations with real individuals. SPs can also be used as an evaluative or corrective tool when training staff.

Standardized Patient Simulation

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For inquiries or to learn more about the project proposal process, contact Advanced Human Simulation Program Supervisor, Sarah Kriss.
Sorrell Clinical Skills Lab (MSC 1039)  

The Sorrell Clinical Skills Lab is located in the Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science Education building. This simulation lab features:

  • 16 Clinic Exam Rooms
  • 2 Hospital Rooms
  • A Pre-Brief/Debrief room
  • Full-Size Operating Room
  • Multi-Purpose Room
  • Simulated toilet, shower, and tub
  • Advanced multimedia and recording capabilities

For questions or more information, please contact Sarah Kriss.

Davis Global Center  

Opened in 2020, the Davis Global Center offers the following spaces for Standardized Patient simulation*:

  • 2 Acute Care Rooms
  • 2 Bio Containment Patient Rooms
  • 2 ICU Rooms
  • 2 Large Pre-Briefing Rooms
  • Debriefing Rooms
  • Ambulatory Exam Room
  • Debriefing Rooms
  • Emergency Room
  • Imaging and Therapies Suite
  • Interprofessional Collaboration Room
  • Labor and Delivery Suite
  • Pediatric Care Room
  • Trauma Unit
  • Triage
  • Home Care Unit (includes upstairs bedroom, kitchen, living and dining room, bathroom, and basement
  • Ambulance
  • Advanced Multimedia and recording capabilities

    * These spaces have the potential to involve multi-modal simulation where a human patient simulator is the patient and SPs are family members or professionals.

Become a Standardized Patient / Simulated Participant (SP)