Surgical & Intervention Training

Simulation provides risk-free training environments, enabling learners to practice skills and achieve acceptable levels of competency before moving on to real patient situations. In addition to meeting space, pre-brief and debrief rooms, procedural skills and R&D labs, the surgical skills floor features 20 complete surgical bays. Actual equipment, realistic environments and audio-visual capture capabilities facilitate high-fidelity training through immersive simulations. This floor services UNMC and Nebraska Medicine, as well as outside institutions and industry collaborators.

Surgical OR - DGC virtual tour


Interprofessional Collaboration (3014)

The Interprofessional Collaboration space on the third floor offers a meeting style environment. This space prioritizes interprofessional activities and can be used in conjunction with other booking confirmations throughout the Davis Global Center. This room features a conference style table, a 95” monitor at the head of the table allowing group meeting capabilities, internet access and videoconference capabilities via built in webcams, microphones and ceiling speakers.

Capacity: 16 people


Military & Industry Collaboration (3012)

The Military & Industry Collaboration space can be used for both our external military and industry partners. This space provides a calm networking environment and lounge style seating that includes standing collaborative surfaces, interactive meeting tables, and a large built in monitor with internet access and videoconference capabilities via built in webcams. This space also features a luggage room for visiting guests.


Surgical Collaboration Lounge (3002)

The Surgical Collaboration Lounge serves as a dining space for external trainees. This lounge features a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and coffee maker. Catered meals are allowed in this space during the training time in the Davis Global Center. The room features a large monitor with internet access and is configured cafeteria style.

Capacity: 24 people

Training Preparation  

Surgical Pre-Briefing (3005)

The Surgical Pre-Briefing space offers lecture style seating that allows facilitators to provide an overview of material or to discuss general expectations for the scheduled surgical training course. The space features a larger monitor with internet access and presentation capabilities.

Capacity: 24 people


Men’s Locker Room (3007)

The locker rooms are available for learners participating in surgical simulation activities. This space features restrooms, shower, changing area with individual lockers, scrubs and PPE for learner use.


Women’s Locker Room (3008)

The locker rooms are available for learners participating in surgical simulation activities. This space features restrooms, shower, changing area with individual lockers, scrubs and PPE for learner use.


Decon & Sterilization (3031 & 3039)

The Decon space is a utility room used to clean and prepare instrumentation for sterilization. This space features an instrument washer, a cart washer, and three large soak sinks.

The sterilization room is used for sterilizing, processing and assembly of surgical equipment and instrumentation. This space is equipped with an instrument washer and an autoclave. This service is available to outside surgical vendors per request and pricing schedule.

Surgical Simulation  

All Units (A, B, C, D)

The surgical skills floor features 4 separate surgical rooms with 5 surgical bays in each (20 total). Each bay features its own Operating Room table, functioning instrument boom with monitor, surgical light, suction and medical gases (Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2). Select booms are equipped with equipment such as an insufflation device, light box, electrosurgical machine and video equipment.

Each bay is divided by retractable walls to individually separate each of the four different units with a 95” wall monitor in each bay. Each bay includes one teaching station that has a camera within the boom light.

A control room is featured in the middle of this space and accesses each of the four units. This control room is equipped to allow video switching between boom monitors, in-room wall display and other training spaces throughout the Davis Global Center. Room and boom recording capabilities are also available to assist with teaching and assessment sessions. Audio and video capabilities allow faculty to speak to individual stations or the entire unit.


Surgical Care 2050 (3023)

This space is designated to highlight surgical care of the future. This is a simulated operating room with an operating room table, fully functional instrument and anesthesia booms with medical gases, suction, monitors, surgical lights and an anesthesia machine. This space also features a large monitor with internet access and recording and video capabilities.
Skills Training  

Procedural Skills Lab (3026)

The Procedural Skills Lab features height adjustable stainless-steel tables for surgical skills practice including suturing and procedural skills. This lab is equipped with recording and video capabilities. This space also allows additional training outside of scheduled simulation activities with facilitators.

Capacity: 24 people


R & D Lab (3034)

The R & D Lab serves as a place where new product ideas can be designed and tested. This is a secure space where collaboration with companies can take place while ideas are protected. This room also houses the Sages testing site on campus, with portable computer stations for testing purposes. This space includes a Laparoscopic Mentor, GI Mentor, Robotic Surgery Simulator and FLS stations. Additionally, there is a large monitor with internet access, as well as recording and video capabilities.