Visualization Portfolio

The work below are snapshot samples of projects that the iEXCEL Visualization Team is developing. An enhanced portfolio is in development.values

Shaken Baby VR    Shaken Baby VR
Virtual reality simulation of the effects of shaken baby syndrome, specifically in relation to retinal bleeding and the detection of the condition.
Pillbox   Pillbox VR
Virtual pill sorting application with customizable type, volume and correct/incorrect dosage.
 Syringe    Crash Cart    Transmission Precaution

Syringe Library
3D, web-based simulation of syringe handling, drawing and measurement, including several types and sizes of syringe.

  Crash Cart AR
Augmented reality simulation of a crash cart with ability to open doors and drawers and manipulate objects inside of cart.
  Transmission Precautions
360 video for VR, including effects to show transmission of highly-infectious diseases through contact, droplet and airborne methods.
 PPE    Floor plan    Eye
Donning Drag and Drop
Demonstration of personal protective equipment (PPE) donning via drag and drop on iWall.
  Floor Plan
Floor plan application for highly-infectious disease containment planning.
  3D Anatomy Suite
3D application for anatomy learning using ZSpace technology.