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    Maximum Opportunities A Solid Foundation

IGPBS - Training Tomorrow's Researchers Today

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (IGPBS) is UNMC's campus-wide PhD training program with over 200 participating research faculty, from 32 basic science and clinical departments.  To provide both focused and interdisciplinary training, PhD training is administered by six interdisciplinary doctoral programs within the IGPBS.  UNMC faculty participate in up to three training programs as is appropriate for their expertise.  With this structure, each of the six training programs provides students with a large number of potential research laboratories and research project options, along with strong multidisciplinary training within their area of interest.

The six doctoral program that comprise the IGPBS are:

Advantages for students in the IGPBS:

  • Entering students can rotate in any of the participating laboratories on campus before choosing a laboratory or a doctoral program - OR - students can choose to commit to an individual doctoral program and rotate among the laboratories in that doctoral program.
  • The IGPBS provides students with a solid, broad-based training in interdisciplinary biomedical research.  Students are first provided with a common core curriculum and then advanced interdisciplinary training in their area of interest.
  • Each doctoral program area provides seminars and journal clubs in their research focus area.
  • The IGPBS and UNMC provides additional training to prepare students for a variety of job opportunities in academia (teaching and/or research), industry (research and/or management) and other related fields.  These opportunities include the Teaching Proficiency Program and the Business for Bioscientists Certificate Program.
  • Students have access to more than 200 research faculty from 28 different departments and institutes.
  • Research resources include a wide variety of institution-supported research core facilities, many departmental research core facilities and the research resources of UNMC faculty.
  • With the investment of more than $1 billion in infrastructure in the past several years, UNMC has many modern, well-equipped research laboratories.  In the three new research towers alone, there are more than 300 new laboratories now concentrated on the west side of campus.
  • The IGPBS can accept applications from both US and international students.
 Please see our Admissions page for admission requirements.