Cancer Research Curriculum

Cancer Research Doctoral Program Curriculum

Whether or not Cancer Research Program students take IPBS 801*, IPBS 802* or IPBS 803* will depend on the educational background and interests of the student.

Required Coursework:

Each summer, Cancer Research Doctoral Program students also participate in a mini-conference course (CRGP 940 - Short Course in Cancer Biology), taught by outstanding visiting scientists on a topic that is selected by the Cancer Research Doctoral Program students themselves.

Any UNMC courses may be added as electives, depending on the student's interests, if approved by the student's Supervisory Committee.

Cancer Research Doctoral Program students will accomplish creative and thorough research and they will have results from the research accepted by a scientific journal as either first author or co-first author prior to the scheduling of their doctoral dissertation defense.

A comprehensive examination in the form of a grant application will be completed by the end of the third year.

For MD/PhD students:

* Notes: