UNMC Research Facilities and Services

UNMC is located on a eighty-acre campus located in the center of Omaha, Nebraska. UNMC's research laboratories are housed in 12 buildings for a total of more than a million square feet of laboratory space. The Durham Research Center, a state-of-the-art, 500,000 square-foot facility of modern research laboratory space, was recently completed. Below is a list of some of the UNMC research facilities and services that are available for IGPBS student research activities. For a complete list, see Office of Research Resources.

Research Core Facilities:

A key Strength to research capabilities at UNMC is the solid collection of research core facilities that provide that provide that state-of-the-art research equipment and technical expertise.

Other UNMC Research Support Services

In addition to these resources, the various departments, institutes, and investigators have a full complement of equipment used in modern biological and biomedical research. This includes spectrophotometers, centrifuges, PCR, tissue culture facilities, scintillation counters, densitometers, image processing workstations, a wide variety of microscopes, dark rooms, cold rooms, various chromatography and electrophoresis systems, and other research equipment/facilities.