Immunology Pathology & Infectious Disease Curriculum

Immunology, Pathology & Infectious Disease Doctoral Program Curriculum

All PhD students in the Immunology, Pathology and Infectious Disease doctoral program must:

Enroll in PAMM 992 - Advanced Topics, continuously during their degree program.  This required course is a study of current concepts and findings in selected areas of pathobiology, including a review of current literature and research.

Enroll in PAMM 970 - Seminar course during their degree program.  They are required to attend each seminar as well as present a seminar of their own research activities.

Take all three core IGPBS courses in the first semester:

Note:  MD/PhD students may substitute Medical School Biochemistry for this requirement; Click here for IPBS course descriptions.

Take a minimum of four of the following courses:

Additional courses may be taken due to student interest or on advise of the supervisory committee.  Additional graduate course offerings include:

Other courses may also be offered in other programs that are of interest to the student.