Immunology Pathology & Infectious Disease Curriculum

Immunology, Pathology & Infectious Disease Doctoral Program Curriculum

All PhD students in the Immunology, Pathology and Infectious Disease doctoral program must:

Enroll in PAMM 992 - Advanced Topics, continuously during their degree program.  This required course is a study of current concepts and findings in selected areas of pathobiology, including a review of current literature and research.

Enroll in PAMM 970 - Seminar course during their degree program.  They are required to attend each seminar as well as present a seminar of their own research activities.

Take all three core IGPBS courses in the first semester:

Note: MD/PhD students may substitute Medical School Biochemistry for this requirement

Take a minimum of four of the following courses:

*This course is taught in coordination with the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Additional courses may be taken due to student interest or on advise of the supervisory committee.  Additional graduate course offerings include:

Other courses may also be offered in other programs that are of interest to the student.