Fostering Educational Collaboration in Neurology at UNMC

The Department of Neurological Sciences at University of Nebraska Medical Center/Nebraska Medicine (UNMC), offers highly specialized and individually customized Neurology Preceptorship programs in Parkinson’s, Huntington, Botulinum Toxin Chemo-denervation, Movement Disorders, Deep Brain Stimulation surgery and continuous Levodopa infusion pump therapy. Participation by international healthcare professionals in such program experiences help enhance their skills in specific […]

Oxygen Under Pressure – a future adjunct option for refractory wounds

By Dr. Lon W. Keim   Imagine being at risk of losing one of your feet. That’s what a mother of seven from Kuwait with advanced diabetes mellitus recently faced before coming to Nebraska Medicine and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, through the assistance of the Office of International Healthcare Services. She presented with […]

Multiple Myeloma 2016: where do we stand?

Multiple myeloma (MM) is the second most common hematologic malignancy in the United States, with rising incidence and prevalence, and is fast becoming an expanding health care burden globally. At a median age of 69, it may manifest differently, however, detrimental effects of abnormal plasma cells invariably involve the bone marrow, skeleton, kidneys, electrolytes and […]

Cancer Diagnosis Changes One Nurse’s Outlook

The following blog is written by Diane Cox, staff nurse at the Peggy D. Cowdery Patient Care Center. She has spent years treating our patients, but recently the roles were reversed following a breast cancer diagnosis. After being diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer, Diane Cox changed her approach in caring for cancer patients. I […]

New Procedure a First for Nebraska

A neck injury sent Scott Winter to the ED, only to discover he suffered from atrial fibrillation. His cardiologist, Shane Tsai, MD, recommended a new procedure that would prevent his heart from beating irregularly. Winter would be the first patient in the state to undergo this procedure, performed by HelenMari Merritt, DO. Watch more in this […]

Less-invasive Option for Thyroid Surgery

Estelle Chang, MD. It’s a new option for patients who require thyroid surgery, one that’s much less invasive. Minimally-invasive robotic surgery is now offered at Nebraska Medicine for patients who need thyroidectomy, meet specific criteria, and desire a procedure that won’t leave a visible neck scar. Estelle Chang, MD, an Otolaryngology Head and Neck surgeon, […]

Lauritzen Outpatient Center Latest Openings

Nebraska Medicine and UNMC opened level one last week and level three yesterday of the Laurtizen Outpatient Center. By shifting outpatient services from main campus as well as adding complimentary support services for one-stop, patient-centered care, we are creating a better patient experience. Dedicated surface and garage parking for patients and their families offers a […]

New Development in Breast Cancer Surgery

  Today, women diagnosed with breast cancer have multiple surgical options to choose from. Today, women diagnosed with breast cancer have multiple surgical options to choose from. Historically, breast cancer surgery has been limited to removing the entire breast (mastectomy), or removing the lump (tumor) and preserving the breast. This is known as a lumpectomy, […]

Dr. Vetro aims to improve treatment for cancer patients

Joseph Vetro, Ph.D. Joseph Vetro, Ph.D., assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences, wants his research to impact patients. Publication is great, yes. But what does it mean if it doesn’t eventually help people? And Dr. Vetro believes that technology to effectively deliver RNA interference molecules (RNAi) can improve treatment for cancer patients. RNAi could be used […]

18 Years and Counting, Nebraska Medicine Wins Consumer Choice Award

It’s once again evident folks in our region choose Nebraska Medicine over our competitors. For the 18th year, we’ve been awarded the National Research Corporation’s Consumer Choice Award, given annually to hospitals across the U.S. that health care consumers choose as having the highest quality and image. The results for the 2016/2017 edition of the […]

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