College of Allied Health Professions

Elizabeth Wellsandt, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS
Assistant Professor
Division of Physical Therapy Education
Director, Clinical Movement Analysis Lab

The Wellsandt Lab is housed within the Clinical Movement Analysis (CMOVA) Lab in the Student Life Center on UNMC's main campus. The goals of our lab are to understand and optimize outcomes after lower extremity musculoskeletal injury to promote a safe return to pre-injury activities, lifelong physical activity and function, and long-term joint health. Our primary focus is on individuals after anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, injury. We use three-dimensional biomechanical analysis, a research-grade strength testing device called a Biodex, and activity trackers to measure how people move after injury. We use this information to promote their success in returning to sport and preventing the later development of knee arthritis. The student's role in the lab would include assisting with biomechanical data collections, processing of biomechanical data, and additional lab-related tasks and projects.

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