College of Dentistry

College of Dentistry - Oral Biology

James K. Wahl III, PhD
Associate Professor
College of Dentistry
Nebraska Center for Cellular Signaling

Research Interests:  Our central hypothesis is that changes in desmosomal composition result in differential adhesion and/or altered cell-cell signaling. This hypothesis is based on our previous findings that different junctional proteins confer distinct adhesive characteristics on epithelial cells, and that formation of various cell junctions initiates cell adhesion-dependent signaling pathways.

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Greg Oakley, PhD
Assistant Professor
College of Dentistry
Oral Biology

Research Interests:  Our research interests lie in the area of DNA damage and repair. Specifically, our research focuses on the signal transduction pathways that regulate the cellular responses to DNA damage and how alterations in these pathways contribute to mutagenesis and, ultimately, carcinogenesis. Current studies involve the biochemical activities of the protein complex, M/R/N (composed of Mre11, Rad50 and NBS1), and RPA, and how they work cooperatively and function in the replication stress response. Our primary goal is to achieve an understanding of the mechanistic roles of these proteins and how they cooperate to maintain genomic integrity.

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