Internal Medicine

Deb Romberger, MD

Research Interests: I investigate processes that control inflammation/irritation in the lungs of people exposed to various environmental exposures with a special emphasis on agricultural-related dusts and cigarette smoke.

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Michel Ouellette, PhD
Associate Professor

Research Interests:  My laboratory is focused on two separate aspects of cancer research: telomere biology and pancreatic cancer. A common theme is the enzyme telomerase, its role in cancer development and tissue homeostasis. Telomerase is responsible for the maintenance of telomeres, specialized structures that cap the ends of chromosomes. Because most human cells lack telomerase, telomeres shorten each time cells divide and this attrition acts as a clock that limits their lifespan. This limited lifespan is almost always bypassed during cancer development, most frequently by the aberrant expression of telomerase. We are interested in the molecular mechanisms that control the lifespan of human cells and in particular the means by which cells measure the size of their telomeres. In a related project, we are testing telomerase inhibitors for the treatment of cancers, with special attention to pancreatic cancer. 

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