Department of Surgery

Jingwei Xie, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Surgery

Research Summary: Xie laboratory’s research interests center on the synthesis, surface modification, self-assembly of materials at nanometer scale to address problems in the field of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and drug/gene delivery. Our research programs are built upon interdisciplinary subjects including materials science, engineering, biology, and medicine. We develop novel, smart biomaterials with well-controlled composition, structure and functional properties. We employ analytical tools in materials science, biology, and medicine to characterize these biomaterials as either scaffolds or drug/gene carriers. Specifically, we are interested in the use of nano-structured materials together with signaling molecules to regulate cell/stem cell behaviors for regenerating various types of tissues including skin and bone. Additionally, we are interested in developing nanofibrous materials as local drug delivery devices for the prevention of surgical site infection and wound infection.

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