Research Awards



Madison Wolfe, second year medical student in the Enhanced Medical Education Track (EMET) Autoimmunity at UNMC, was awarded the Student Achievement Award by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR).  She will present her research findings the ACR meeting in November 2020.  Her research found that repeated airborne biohazard (endotoxin) exposure greatly potentiated autoimmune arthritis and arthritis-associated lung disease in mice suggesting the persons regularly exposed high pollutant environments such as those in agriculture settings, military, or various occupations should take extra respiratory protection precautions.  Her research was primarily mentored and conducted in Dr. Jill Poole’s lab with co-mentorship by Drs. Geoffrey Thiele and Ted Mikuls.


Amy Nelson was presented with the Daughton Award in June 2020.

Amy has over 20 years of dedication to UNMC and NMC.  Currently serving in the Allergy and Immunology Research Lab as manager for 5 years, previously she managed a large Pulmonary Research lab for 10 years. She has co-authored over 30 manuscripts and numerous abstracts. She is a dependable asset to our research that focuses on advancing the health of those with agriculture and occupational respiratory and systemic diseases. 

 Amber Johnson 2020 Resident Research Award recipient

Amber Johnson was presented with the Resident Research Award in June 2020.

Amber is completing her third year of residency and worked in Dr. Jill Poole's research laboratory for approximately 2 years, she is first author on a published manuscript investigating mechanisms by which agriculture exposures effect lung disease, how these exposures effect lung immune response after the exposure has been removed for prolonged periods. Amber has also co-authored a book chapter, and several abstracts. After graduation, she will stay here at UNMC/NMC to specialize in pulmonary and critical care to continue her passion of helping those with lung disorders and critical illnesses.