Research Opportunities


Dr. Jill Poole is Chief of the Division of Allergy and Immunology in the Department of Internal Medicine.  She is an allergist and immunologist who runs an active research program with particular interest in environmental and agriculture-related allergic and non-allergic lung diseases.  Additionally, she is interested in how environmental-associated lung injury and inflammation impacts systemic disease with focus on bone disease, arthritis, and autoimmunity.

Efforts in Dr. Poole’s lab have led to identification of specific agents within complex agriculture dusts that are responsible for eliciting inflammatory disease and  discovering pathways that could be targeted to reduce inflammatory lung disease burden.  Recent investigations are defining the relationship between environmental-induced lung inflammation and autoimmune arthritis/bone disease to ultimately develop new strategies to alleviate disease.

Dr. Poole’s secondary research interests are more broadly focused on allergic disease including asthma, chronic cough, chronic urticaria, and eosinophilic esophagitis.  To highlight, her clinical research  efforts demonstrated a role for vitamin D supplementation in reducing symptoms of chronic hives. She is actively growing clinical research studies in the field of allergy and immunology.

Undergraduate students, medical students, residents, fellows, and post-graduate students have all trained in the Poole lab.  Her laboratory is located in the Durham Research Center II, a state-of-the art research facility. Dr. Poole is highly interested in identifying talented and motivated individuals to add to her research team.


A UNMC resident who is interested in spending time conducting laboratory-based or clinical research should contact Dr. Poole at 402.559.4087. Interested applicants should also contact Shannon Thomsen.  Click here to see the resident awards received.

MD Student(s)

A UNMC  medical student who is interested in spending a summer or research month in the lab conducting laboratory-based or clinical research should contact Dr. Poole at 402.559.4087. Interested UNMC student applicants  should also contact Shannon Thomsen.


Any undergraduate student who is interested in spending their summer in the lab in an independent research project  should contact Dr. Poole at 402.559.4087. Dr. Poole participates in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program.  Interested applicants should visit Summer Undergraduate Research Programs.