Summer Research in Allergy & Immunology

 Welcome to Allergy & Immunologies Summer Research students!

Aaron SchwabSchwab2


Aaron is a MD/PhD student who will be rotating through the Allergy & Immunology lab this summer along with many other labs.

This is why Aaron chose the MD/PhD education route:

I chose to pursue an MD/PhD so I could make a meaningful impact in both the short and long term by means of concurrent clinical practice and laboratory investigation. Through UNMC’s MD/PhD program, I hope to maximize my legacy of healing and use patient encounters to inform and motivate my research endeavors.

 Elizabeth RammlerRammler2

Elizabeth is medical student in the Enhanced Medical Education Track (EMET) Program.  Allergy is very excited to have her assisting us on basic research this summer.

This is why Elizabeth chose research this summer:

After completing my first year of medical school, I decided that I'd like to pursue a career in either 1) Rheumatology or 2) Allergy and Immunology. Secondary to this decision, I applied to the "Autoimmune Diseases EMET," which has provided me an opportunity to do research within the field of Allergy & Immunology this summer. Through this research, I hope to gain experience and expertise that will better prepare me to specialize in fields of medicine that require a thorough understanding of complex research methods and critical reasoning. Additionally, I appreciate the opportunity to further familiarize myself with research "happenings" on UNMC's campus, a place I hope to one day cultivate my career.