Adult Congenital Heart Disease

UNMC has the only formally trained physician in Adult Congenital Heart Disease in Omaha and brings a new level of care for adults with congenital heart disease. In a joint program with Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we work closely with the Pediatric Cardiologists on the patients transition from child to adulthood. 

Congenital Heart Disease

Congenital heart disease involves defects with the structure of the heart. Usually detected at birth they can involve the interior walls of the heart, heart valves and veins and arteries carrying blood to the heart and other areas of the body. 


We accept self-referrals or your doctor can refer you to our clinic by letter or by phone. To schedule an appointment please call (402) 559-8888 or 1-800-97-HEART (4-3278). We will continue to keep your primary physician informed of your progress. 


Patients with Adult Congenital Heart Disease can be seen at the Durham Outpatient Center at UNMC