General Cardiology Clinics

Universtiy of Nebraska Medical Center
Durham Outpatient Center
44th and Emile Streets, room 2310
(402) 559-8888
Omaha, Nebraska

Oakview Medical Building - West Omaha
2808 South 144th Street, Suite 290
(402) 596-4444
Omaha, Nebraska

Heart and Vascular Center - Bellevue
2510 Bellevue Medical Center Drive, Suite 250
(402) 599-8888
Bellevue, NE68123

Physicians see patients five days a week at all of our locations. We offer both morning and afternoon appointments. We provide support for diagnostic cardiology studies including treadmills, exercise echos, nuclear studies, and event monitors.
For more information or to make an appointment, you may call (402) 559-8888 or (800) 97-HEART (4-3278).