Dr. Liu Biography
Dr. Liu graduated from The Fourth Military Medical University, Xi’an, China. After completing Residency and Fellowship of internal medicine in China, he had been trained in lung cell biology as a postdoctoral researcher at Dr. Stephen Rennard’s laboratory, University of Nebraska Medical Center. Dr. Liu is specialized in cell culture and cell biology study, especially, three-dimensional culture of variety kinds of cells including mesenchymal cells, endothelial cells, and stem cells. Research is focused on in vitro cellular and molecular mechanisms of chronic inflammatory diseases, tissue injury and repair. Currently, using well-established three-dimensional co-culture of coronary artery smooth muscle cells (SMC) and endothelial cells (EC) as well as “lipid-pool” model, Dr. Liu and the CBBL team are exploring the effect of lower shear stress (LSS) flow on the expression of potential molecules and mediators, which might play key roles in the formation and stabilization of the atherosclerotic plaque.