Vada Kinman-Oldfield Award

Vada Kinman-Oldfields
Corporal Vada serving in the WAC in Florence Italy, 1945

In 1999, Col. Barney Oldfield made a $20,000 gift to the NU Foundation to establish the Vada Kinman Oldfield Alzheimer's Research Fund at UNMC. The fund commemorates the life of his wife, Vada, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease for 11 years before her death on Feb. 25, 1999.

The Oldfield Alzheimer's Research Fund is awarded annually to an individual with a promising new idea in Alzheimer's research. Annual contributions from the Oldfield Family Foundation exceeds $20,000. The endowment fund also has drawn a record number of contributions from friends and admirers of the Oldfields as a tribute to Vada and her work. The fund will support Alzheimer's research efforts at UNMC. Once Alzheimers is cured, the fund will support research to address other diseases of late life.

Research Award Recipients:

1999 Vince Thomas, Ph.D
2000 Tsuneya Ikezu, Ph.D
2001 Daryl L. Bohac, Ph.D
2002 Anuja Ghorpade, Ph.D
2003 Brenda K. Keller, MD
2004 Shinji Sato, Ph.D
2005 Daniel L. Murman, MD, MS
2006 Jonathan Kipnis, Ph.D
2007 Prasad R. Padala, MD
2008 Tomomi Kiyota, Ph.D
2009 Stephen J. Bonasera, MD
2010 Elena Batrakova, Ph.D
2011 Kalpana Padala, MD, MS
2012 Jyothi Arikkath, Ph.D
2013 Tony Wilson, Ph.D
2014 Asia Sikora, Ph.D
2015 Nicholas DeKorver, BS
2016 Janelle Beadle, Ph.D
2017 Thuy T. Koll, MD
2018 Kelly L. Stauch, Ph.D
2019 Daniel L. Murman, MD, MS
2020 Yuri Lyubchenko, Ph.D
2021 Matthew Van Hook, Ph.D   &   Xinglong Wang, Ph.D