Aging Interprofessional Group
Purposes of Aging Interprofessional Group
1.     The AIG aims to promote interdisciplinary healthcare that is essential to providing quality care to the geriatric population.
2.     The AIG recognizes a growing need for geriatric knowledge across medical care settings, and it aims to inform and elevate awareness of geriatric needs and issues that are unique to this population.
3.     The AIG aims to provide students of all disciplines with opportunities to interact with geriatric patients and to practice clinical skills as they relate to this population.

Activities have included: Guest speakers on geriatric topics; death and dying issues;  Clinical Skills Lab; Health Fair; and an end of the year party. The faculty are excited about this activity and hope if you are interested you join.
2016-2017 Leaders
Natalie Albretsen (PT)
Lauren Olberding (Pharmacy)
Claire Svec (Medicine)

Current Executive Committe
Albretsen, Natalie, Alex Hansen, Alisyn Graesser, Brianna Harder, Claire Svec. Dana Steffan, Emily Frankel, Jack Wagoner, Jason Blaser, Kaleb Thomas, Lauren Olberding, Logan Franck, Madison Makovicka Wheeler, Matthew Bosley, Nathan Most, Paige Scholer, Rachel Coburn, Renae Heuermann, Sasha Kapil, Tzayu Michaud

Faculty Advisors
Linda Sobeski, Pharm.D., BCPS, Assistant Professor, UNMC College of Pharmacy
Dawn Venema, PT, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, UNMC College of Allied Health

AIG Coordinator
Denise Kreski, MA, Education Projects Associate  
Division of Geriatric Medicine, Zip 6155
Phone: 402-552-7205