Pulmonary Testing

Pulmonary Testing
Test Predictive Value Indications

Predicts poor outcome  if   PCo2 > 45mmHg, although it is not necessarily an absolute contraindication for surgery

Severe COPD


predicts post-op course in lung resection

evaluate for optimal bronchodilatation

definition of optimal bronchodilatation:

free of wheezing and peak flow > 80% of predicted or personal best

Anticipate Lung Resection

Undiagnosed or suboptimal control COPD or  Asthma

Chest Radiographs

Many false positives, adds little to clinical evaluation

Known Cardiopulmonary disease, URI

Kearney DJ, Lee TH, Reilly JJ, DeCamp MM, Sugarbaker DJ. Assessment of operative risk in patients undergoing lung resection: importance of predicted pulmonary function. Chest 1994;105:753-59