Sensory Enhancement
The attention to and enhancement of sensory disabilities (i.e., hearing and vision) will provide better input to the patient to assist them in retaining their usual cognitive status.
Sensory Disabilities Enhancement Techniques
Hearing Loss
  • Clean ear wax
  • Hearing aides available (if patient uses them)
  • "Pocket talkers" available as inpatient if patient does not have hearing aids
Cognitive Impairment
  • Orientation protocol: Board with names, daily schedule, reorienting communication
Vision Impairment
  • Glasses available with patient wearing as inpatient
    Good lighting in room
  • Observe temperature in room & patient’s body temperature (elderly do best in >78 degree)
  • "Pocket talkers" are low cost devices that use earphones and microphone to amplify voice spoken into the microphone. Very effective for inpatient communication with hearing impaired.
  • Most commonly these can be obtained from the translation department