Didactics in Geriatric Medicine

Welcome to the Geriatrics Rotation Didactic page. This page contains handouts and videos of the didactics performed monthly during the Geriatrics rotation. This material is for all learners on Geriatric rotations including; resident, students of medicine, physician assistants, nurse practitioner and pharmacy. The handouts can be downloaded from the left-hand column. Then you can follow along with the videos that can be downloaded to Real Player on your computer for your viewing. However, we strongly encourage attendance at the live lectures because they will provide a better learning environment and the most up-to-date material.



Atypical Presentation
of Illness 

Ed Vandenberg, MD

Common Mistakes in Geriatrics

Tim Malloy, MD

Depression in the Elderly

Kalpana Padala, MD

Discharge Planning

Bill Lyons, MD

 Module 1
 Module 2
 Module 3

Ed Vandenberg, MD


Ed Vandenberg, MD

Functional Assessment

Brenda Keller, MD

Geriatric Pharmacology

Linda Farho, PharMD

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Catherine Eberle, MD

Health Care Maintenance

Ed Vandenberg, MD

Hospital Care of
Older Patients

Bill Lyons, MD

Brain Failure

Jane Potter, MD

Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA)

Dennis McNeilly, Psy.D.

Geriatric Pharmacotherapy

Linda Sobeski, PharMD

Urinary Incontinence

Debra Mostek, MD

Interdisciplinary Teamwork

Elizabeth Harlow, MD

* You will need RealPlayer to view the video's. To download click here.