Images of EKG's and Anesthesia Record


Anesthesia Record
Atrial Fib with Left Bundle Branch Block
Dual Chamber Pacemaker
Electronic Ventricular Pacemaker, Abnormal ECG
Electronic Ventricular Pacemaker
Marked Sinus Bradycardia
Marked Sinus Bradycardia, ST Elevation
Normal Sinus Rhythm
Normal Sinus Rhythm with 1st degree A-V block
Normal Sinus Rhythm, Possible Anterior Infarct
Normal Sinus Rhythm, Right Artrial Enlargement, Right Bundle Branch Block, Left Anterior Fascicular Block
Normal Sinus Rhythm, Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block
Normal Sinus Rhythm with 1st degree A-V block, Possible Inferior Infarct
Sinus Bradycardia, Left Axis Deviation, Voltage Criteria For Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, Nonspecific T Wave Abnormality
Normal Sinus Rhythm, Left Axis Deviation, Anterior & Inferior Infarct, Abnormal ECG

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