Geriatric Research Opportunities

The Division of Geriatrics offers rich clinical research opportunities to staff, fellows, residents, and students.


Stephen J. Bonasera, MD, PhD; 559-8409

Recent representative papers include:

Sixty-four station mouse home cage monitoring system with associated workstations for data quality control, classification, and analysis; 4 station rodent indirect calorimetry measurement system with integrated activity monitoring; standard behavioral phenotyping equipment including 4 chamber open field, elevated zero maze, Noldus Observer and EthoVision acquisition and analysis software; RNA purification and quantification workflow, including Qiagen TissueLyser II, Qiagen Qiacube, Thermo Nanodropper II, Agilent BioAnalyzer 2100, Eppendorf ep RealPlex RT-qPCR; Nokia N79-based cell phone data acquisition system with appropriate server software for highly secured data transmission; standard laboratory equipment (centrifuges, -80 freezer capacity, -20 freezer capacity, refrigerator capacity, electronic balances to manage milligram to gram samples, pH meter, incubators, water baths, standard molecular biology tools).

The Geriatric Clinic database contains baseline data on health, functional, cognitive and affective status on over 2500 patients. This database may be used to explore a variety of issues related to frailty and aging.