Perioperative Services

We provide perioperative co-management services to orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery patients. The preoperative evaluation that we perform is an important aspect of the care we provide. In 2019, our hospitalists provided postoperative co-management for 1,628 surgeries, 1,102 orthopedic, and 526 neurosurgery. 2020 was an abnormal year because we had to reduce co-management activities to care for COVID patients.

We work closely with anesthesiology in the preoperative evaluation and care clinic (PECC). Postoperatively, we have a service that provides 24-7-365 coverage for the management of medical complications of surgery and of chronic medical conditions. We also have a formal agreement with orthopedic surgery and trauma surgery for the management of patients with fragility hip fractures.

We are actively expanding by creating a vascular surgery co-management arrangement which will begin in Fall 2021.