Ryan White Coverage and Eligibility

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Ryan White Programs:

Nebraska AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) (serves all Nebraska residents)

UNMC Ryan White Part C and D Programs serve Nebraska excluding 11 counties in the westernmost portion of the state (known as the “Panhandle”) and 11 counties in Southwest Iowa.


 For Residents of Other States

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Who Was Ryan White?

Ryan White made headlines as a courageous AIDS activist in the 1980s for challenging discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients, and he became a voice for patients across the country.


Ryan White (photo reprinted with permission from ryanwhite.com)

Ryan was born in Indiana in 1971 and suffered from a hereditary medical condition, hemophilia, where his body had a difficult time coagulating, causing severe bleeding even after a minor injury. He was diagnosed with AIDS in 1984 after receiving a blood transfusion.

When trying to return to school after his diagnosis, Ryan faced backlash from the school district, which barred him from attending classes. He gained national attention when Ryan and his family rallied for his right to attend school. He became a poster-child for the HIV/AIDS movement, which he used to stand in solidarity with other HIV-positive men and women by educating the public about the disease.

Ryan White passed away in 1990, but his memory is carried on through the Ryan White Care Act, which was passed by the United States Congress four months after he died. The Ryan White Care Act is the largest federally funded program for people living with HIV/AIDS and continues to this day.

Ryan White was an inspiration and a leader in the fight to end discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS and to provide hope that someday there will be a cure. 

The Nebraska Medicine Specialty Care Center (SCC) is committed to providing care to people living with HIV, regardless of ability to pay. For those who are uninsured or underinsured, the Ryan White Program provides financial assistance with medical and non-medical services. You do not have to be eligible for Ryan White coverage to receive care at the SCC clinic.

 Am I eligible for the Ryan White Program?

You are eligible for Ryan White coverage if you:

How do I get coverage?

What does the Ryan White Program cover?

The UNMC Part C or D Ryan White Program covers the costs of outpatient medical care and support services for both uninsured and insured eligible individuals. If you are uninsured, the Ryan White Program will cover the primary charge for the service and you may be responsible for a small copay. If you are insured, the Nebraska ADAP Ryan White Program will provide assistance with your copays, coinsurance and deductibles for eligible services.

Will I pay anything if I'm enrolled in Ryan White?

If you are uninsured, you may be responsible for a small copay for your SCC visit based on your income. According to the Public Health Service Act Section 2664, Ryan White Part C eligible participants with gross income exceeding 100% FPL are expected to pay a copay when they check-in to the Nebraska Medicine Specialty Care Center for a medical visit with a physician or nurse practitioner, unless the individual’s income is equal to or below 100% FPL. 

Members will receive medical treatment regardless of their ability to pay the $1.00 co-pay at the time of the visit.


Please call the Ryan White Program telephone line at 402.836.9181 and a member of the Client Services Team will be able to help you.